At Sousa & DeMayo, we offer complete engineering services for custom fabricated metal design. Starting from an idea, or detailed drawings/CAD files, we’ll bring your project to completion using the latest techniques, at a competitive cost.

Our engineering staff can assist you with product design from concept, through detailed design, CAD/CAM, materials selection, and tolerancing. We evaluate the design for optimum cut/bend/weld part design to best utilize the skills and machines in our shop.

No matter your starting point, the expertise of our engineers can help you optimize the design of your product to achieve the design goals at the lowest cost. Our knowledge spans a diverse range of industries, from food production to oil exploration to industrial cabinets. We specialize in custom projects that require creative engineering solutions.

When working with client designs, we review every aspect as they are prepared for production to catch possible errors, tool interferences or inefficiencies. We can work directly from your prints, drawings, or CAD files, using the latest CAD/CAM software to prepare your job for production. We can work with most CAD files from todays modeling software packages.

Contact us today for a quote and more information on how we can help you bring your designs, and your ideas, to life.